Star2Billing softswitch voice prompts. All Professionally sound recorded by native speaking voice artists.

Star2Billing Voice Prompts.

Star2Billing now speaks your language.

You can now chose from a growing selection of languages to customise your Star2Billing installation. Each language comes with the complete set of voice prompts for Star2Billing as well as all of the voice prompts for Asterisk, Callweaver, Elastix, FreePBX®, Trixbox and AsteriskNow.

Professional native-speaking voice artists

Our native speaking voices make your Star2Billing installation sound professional right out of the box. Because we use only professional voice artists who are at the “top of their profession” all of our recordings are perfect in their accent and intonation.

Now you can replace the standard languages with Westany voice prompts so your customers are greeted with a professional, clear voice that your customers understand.

star2billing interface

Hundreds of sound files is multiple formats

We provide the sound files in multiple formats including gsm, ulaw, ulaw and sln. These can be installed simultaniously allowing seamless integration regardless of which format your Asterisk system is running. Other formats such as mp3 and wav are available on request should your Star2Billing software require it.

All the features of Star2Billing are supported

The recorded sound files support all of the features of Star2Billing including Traditional Calling Card services and Callback services, VoIP residential services and Top-up account, Requesting Caller ID and Card Number, Balance and Time to Call as well as Intro prompts right out of the box.

Asterisk: The Pbx

Asterisk is the underlying technology that allows all the PBX functionality to work. Some of the features include Voice Menus, Call Queues, Follow me, Call transfers, Call Parking, Voice Mail, Transfers and of course phone calls. Asterisk provides you with all the neccessary tools to transform an ordinary computer into a powerful voice communications server. Learn more

Trixbox: Auto Installer

Trixbox, formally known as asterisk@home, has become on of the most popular, easy to use, Asterisk installers. It will format a standard PC and turn it into a full Functioning Asterisk PBX. It also comes with a configuration program called FreePBX® as well as extra tools to make your life easier. A perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Learn more

Elastix: Auto Installer

Elastix combines all of the top tools available for Asterisk-based PBXs into one easy-to-use interface. As well as having it's own utility set, Elastix allows for third-party module creation and offers extensive reporting capabilities. These features combined make it one of the best open-source PBX software packages available. Learn more

Callweaver: Auto Installer

Callweaver, formally known as OpenPBX, is a fully-featured open-source software PBX. It was originally derived from Asterisk but extends the functionality by offering features not present in the Asterisk PBX. Being a cross-platform PBX means that Callweaver works on a variety of operating systems, including Linux and Mac OS X. Learn more

AsteriskNow: Auto Installer

AsteriskNow is Digium’s auto installer and configuration platform that allows you to format a standard PC and turn it into a fully featured PBX. It installs Asterisk and included an editor for setting up the extensions, call groups, auto-attendant and everything else you need to get up and running quickly. Learn more

FreePBX®: Configuration

FreePBX® is the major open-source graphical user interface (Gui) for controlling and managing Asterisk once it’s installed. It has many great features and can be updated easily at the click of a button. It simplifies the process of configuring Asterisk by offering pre-programmed functionality through a user-friendly web interface. Learn more

A2Billing: Billing Extension

A2Billing is a softswitch solution that extends the functionality of the Asterisk PBX. As well as providing converged services and self contained billing, A2Billing can be configured to provide an impressive array of services. These include rate calls, preparing and sending out invoices, as well as accepting payments via a number of payment service providers. Learn more

Star2Billing: Billing Extension

Star2billing is the commercial equivilant of Star2Billing and is perfect for those that lack the knowledge to set up a VOIP telecom platform and softswitch solution themselves. Star2Billing provides a wide range of services, including commercial installation, support and consultancy on all Star2Billing products, projects and services. Learn more


Every platform in every product

Each of our Asterisk based language products contain all of the voice prompts for every supported platform. If you start out with Asterisk, then change to trixbox; then decide to 'role your own', you don't need to buy a new set of voice prompts to do so. Everything you need is included not matter what platform your using.


Every function of every platform

No matter what platform your using, if there's a feature that needs a voice prompt then it's in the product. And if a new feature gets added, then new voice prompts are recorded as well.


Anything you need can be recorded for you

Add your own custom voice prompts for your ivr, cti, auto attendant, voice response, voicemail, voice xml or anything else you need. And there recorded by the same voice artists, giving your customers a seamless telephone experience.


Every Supported Format

Asterisk is capable of playing many audio formats but selecting the right one to match your hardware can make massive performance improvements. If your phones are g729 and your incoming line is ulaw you can imagine the load during transcoding. The voice prompts are supplied in alaw, ulaw, g729 and gsm as standard.