Voice Prompts for FreeSWITCH. Professional sound recordings by our native speaking voice artists.

Now FreeSWITCH speaks many languages

“Is FreeSWITCH speaking your language? With many languages to choose from, there’s no need to settle for anything less.”

When first installed, American-English is the default language of FreeSWITCH. To allow your customers to use all of FreeSWITCH's features it’s essential that you have your customers language installed instead.

If your customer tried to leave a voicemail, or use many other features of FreeSWITCH, they interact with the telephone system in the language installed. If they can’t speak English then your in trouble.

The selection of languages provided by Westany is continually being expanded and improved upon and if we don’t have language let us know and we’ll get it recorded for you.


“What’s the first impression you give when you answer a call. Do you have an accent, do you sound confident do you sound trustworthy”

Don't compromise the success of your business by using an amateur, unprofessional voice artist, who may even have the wrong accent. Instead, put your customers at ease and give them the best possible first impression by using our professional voice prompts by our ‘top on their profession’ Voice Artists.

But we also don’t leave the recorded sound to chance either. All our recording work is conducted in our top of the range pro-tools equipped studio which is acoustically designed to get the best audio quality available.


The FreeSWITCH recordings can transcoded into any format you choose, such as alaw, ulaw, wav, mp3, gsm and many others giving you the scope to select the format that fits your telephone system.

All the features of FreeSWITCH are fully supported

The recorded sound files support all the features of FreeSWITCH right out of the box. These include voicemail, ivr, call queues, call transfers, call parking, conferences, torture menus, error messages, numbers, alphabet and phonetics.

FreeSWITCH: Scalable pbx

FreeSwitch is a scalable, multi-protocol, open-source, cross platform soft switch. The FreeSWITCH telephony platform is built for stable scalability and can interconnect and route most popular protocols using audio, video, text or any other form of media. It supports communication technologies such as Skype, SIP, H.323 and GoogleTalk making it easy to interface with other open source PBX systems such as sipXecs, Call Weaver, Bayonne, YATE or Asterisk. Learn more

Blue.box: Configuration

Blue.box has grown out of FreePBX developments to maximize the power of FreeSWITCH and is hosted at 2600hz. Blue.box makes it easy to configure and manage your freeSWITCH installation though their easy to use online interfaces. 2600hz powerful open-source projects help you build and manage rich, customized VoIP services. From a fully functional FreeSWITCH and Asterisk configuration GUI to a next-generation monitoring and management toolset, they help make VoIP easy. Learn more

FusionPBX: Configuration

FusionPBX is an easy to use open-source configuration GUI for freeSWITCH. It can easily be used on a single computer or scaled to a multi-tenant PBX such as used in a call center or as a fax, voicemail, conference or voice application server. FusionPBX makes it especially easy to modify the FreeSWITCH xml files that are used to configure your telephony system. Learn more

Westany: Custom recording

We provide a custom recordings service so you can extend the features of your telephone system through adding simple IVR calling menus or extending the features of your pbx to enhance your business processes. All our voice artists record in our top of the range pro-tools equipped recording studios, and we can transcode any recordings to the codec of your choice. Learn more