Native Mexican Spanish Voice Prompt Starter set by Isabel, for FreeSWITCH, and pbxWare.

Isabel - Mexican Spanish voice prompts
for FreeSWITCH, and pbxWare

Mexican Spanish Female (Isabel) - FreeSWITCH-0

Features included in the prompt pack:

  • Native Mexican Spanish voice artist with a professional business voice.
  • Starter set of Mexican Spanish voice prompts for freeSwitch, and pbxWare.
  • All codec formats included from 8k to 64k.
  • Alaw, ulaw, gsm and other audio file formats created free upon request.
  • Customised voice prompts can be recorded by the same voice artist for €9.97 each.
  • Alaw, ulaw, gsm and sln sound file formats included as standard. Other sound formats are available on request.
  • Free upgrades for one year

Listen to some samples

Call Authorization
Enter Conference Number
Enter Name Of Person
Incoming Call Options
Phone Unassigned
Provision Phone Extension
Save File Error


Get additional voice prompts to customise your installation.

“Get a head start on your project using our Mexican Spanish FreeSWITCH voice prompt Starter Set. Professionally recorded Mexican Spanish voices for your FreeSWITCH installation.”

“You too can benefit from our Starter set of voice prompts to reduce the cost of recording everything from scratch.”

Instead of having to record everything yourself, we created these starter sets, comprising over 500 voice prompts, that can be extended by the same voice artist to match your project.

We don’t sell a lot of these voice prompts, but we keep them available to help the FreeSWITCH developer community by reducing the costs of starting from scratch. Every time we sell one, we update the set to the latest recordings.

If you want to use them in a standard installation, they should cover the majority of the features but it will depend on the last time they were updated. Please get in touch to find out more information. We can of course record anything you need with the same voice artist.

Over 500 recorded voice prompts included.

The number of voice prompts continually grows as new features get added to and new versions of the software get released. Currently the number of recorded voice prompts is over 500 these include voices for Voice Menus, Call Queues, Call Groups, Dial Groups, Follow me, Call transfers, Call Parking, Voice Mail, Error messages, Conference, Numbers (digits), letters and Phonetics as well as a bunch of other features.

Real recordings by Native speaking Voice Artist

All the voice prompts are recorded by Isabel, who is a native Mexican Spanish speaking voice artist. None of the recordings are generated by a text to speech engine (tts) or cut-and-pasted together. So you won't hear a synthetic or unnatural sounding voice.

Isabel has been professionally recorded in our studio to achieve the maximum quality of both audio fidelity and correct pronunciation and inflection.

Multiple audio formats provided as standard

To maximise the number of simultaneous calls you can make and extract the full power of FreeSWITCH, our voice prompts are provided in multiple sound file formats which automatically match the needs of your installation.

We provide the entire set of recordings in all the wav formats supported by FreeSWITCH as well as other formats including alaw, ulaw, gsm, sln and mp3 on request. All of these formats can be installed at the same time and allow FreeSWITCH to match the voice prompt format to the format of the call. This removes the need for any live transcoding leaving the full power of the computer to handling calls.

Easy and fast installation process.

To make installation as easy as possible, each set of voice prompts are preassembled into their correct directory structure. Simply extract them from their compressed file and they automatically install into the correct location. An installation guide is provided to help you through installation.

Custom voice prompt recordings for €9.97 each

Isabel can record any additional voice prompts to customise your installation. If you need specific announcements or custom IVR messages we can have them recorded and edited exactly to your specification and match the delivery, pace and pronunciation of the rest of the voice prompts. This ensures a seamless telephone experience for yourselves and your customers.

Instant download

There's no need to wait for your voice prompts to be shipped to you. The sound files are available to download and install a few minutes after your purchase.

Isabel updates and upgrades

The voice prompt packs are updated two to three times a year, or more regularly if there is a major update to any of the supported platforms. These updates are provided free of charge for the first year and are provided at a discount for any subsequent year. As new features get released we test the systems for any changes, and schedule any additional voice recordings to be added.

Professionally recorded in our top of the range Protools studio.

We record everything in our professional top of the line Protools equipped studios. There acoustically designed by professional acoustic architects for accurate audio monitoring ensuring every voice prompt sounds the same on the phone as it does in the studio.

Compatible with all versions of FreeSWITCH

All of the voice prompt formats, from 8kHz to 64kHz, are provided in individual installable archives. This allows you to install the formats that you want, without having to use them all.

And here's our 100% Money Back Guarantee!!

Buy your Westany voice prompts now and if your not completely satisfied within four weeks you can ask for a full refund.


Get additional voice prompts to customise your installation.

Listen to some samples

Call Authorization
Enter Conference Number
Enter Name Of Person
Incoming Call Options
Phone Unassigned
Provision Phone Extension
Save File Error

Voice Prompt Formats

  • 8kHz Wav
  • 16kHz Wav
  • 32kHz Wav
  • 48kHz Wav
  • 64kHz Wav

Additional Information

Supported Platform

Bluebox, Freeswitch, FusionPBX

Language / Dialect

Mexican Spanish

Free Update Period

One Year



Receive Regular updates

You will receive regular voice prompt updates for free, as new features get added.