Brazilian Portuguese Custom Voice Prompts

Not only do we record your Brazilian Portuguese messages on hold at fantastic prices, we can get them back to in a few days, often as fast as a few hours.

You can order from as little as one Brazilian Portuguese message on hold or as many messages on hold as you need. So if you want a short greeting or a fully blown Brazilian Portuguese IVR System then were here to help.

Just download the script file, write out the text to be recorded and send it back to us. After proof reading to ensure that everything makes sense, we will start the recordings and aim to get it back to you the same day. Once you’ve paid, you can then download your custom recordings.

Personalised Recording Process

You have currently chosen Brazilian Portuguese as the language for your messages on hold.

If you wish to select a different language click here.

To make the process of recording your messages on hold as easy as possible, we have created a script template for you to use.

The script template allows you to write the text for each message on hold and have it automatically calculate the total price for you.

This allows you to make as many alterations as you wish until you have the perfect script at the price you want to pay.

To download the script template click here.
To send your completed script back to us click here.

Listen to some samples

Prepaid Enter Number
Agent Confirmation
Agent Login
Call Forward Cancelled
Enter Conference Number
Please Hold
Record Temporary Greeting
How Much does it cost

The cost of each recorded message on hold is 9.97 for up to 20 words in length plus a fixed recording fee of 129.97. The prices are automatically calculated for you in the downloadable script template. This allows you to modify your script to keep the costs down before you send us the final draft for recording.

How quickly are they recorded

We usually bring the voice artist into the studio on the same day as we receive your order. Depending on the size of the order, we aim to get the final recordings back to you the same day if we can. It can be delayed if we receive the order on a weekend, a holiday or too close to the end of the day.

How are they delivered

After the script has been recorded, edited and tested it will be compressed and uploaded to a protected web folder for you to download. You will receive an email with the download details and a quick ‘single click’ link that will initiate the download from you. We don’t send them via email as the compressed files are quite large.

What formats are provided

As standard, we provide the completed script in 44.1k and 8k wav files but can provide them in a wide variety of audio formats if you need them. We can transcode the audio files into alaw, ulaw, gsm, g729, g711, mp3 and wav. We can probably convert them into any format you need but you can send us an email to confirm.

Auto attendants

All of the platforms that we support from Asterisk to Trixbox are capable of providing an Auto attendant. They can be as simple as saying your company name before transferring them into a call queue or as complex as an online ordering system.

IVR Prompts

Similar to an auto attendants Interactive Voice Response systems differ in that they often listen for spoken replies rather than listening to digits typed on the telephone. Regardless of which style of menus you want to use, the recording process is quick and simple.

Messages on hold

Recording messages and commercial on hold as sales and support messages to be played to your customers while they wait on hold is an effective way to promote your companies products and services. When done correctly it can increase your sales and your customer retention.

Music on hold

On hold music is an excellent way to set the mood for your customers while they wait on call queues or when used as a quick pause before answering. When combined with messages on hold you can increase sales and keep your customers informed.

Voicemail Greetings

Rather than recording your own voicemail greeting we can have them recorded for you to provide a seamless audio experience for your customers. They would effectively hear the same voice throughout your telephone system.

Voip recording

Most of the systems we support are voip platforms in their own right so integrating your voip recordings is as fast as uploading them to the server, and setting up the ivr menus in the web page control panel. But if in doubt send us an email.

Compatible systems

The recordings are compatible with all of our supported systems but can actually be used in any system as long as the audio format is correct. We can provide the finished recordings in any format you need.

Recording Format

We usually record in 44.1khz format in our professional pro-tools equipped recording studios. We can however record in 96khz if you need the audio recordings in this higher quality. In most situations this will not be needed.

Asterisk: The Pbx

Asterisk is the underlying technology that allows all the PBX functionality to work. Some of the features include Voice Menus, Call Queues, Follow me, Call transfers, Call Parking, Voice Mail, Transfers and of course phone calls. Asterisk provides you with all the neccessary tools to transform an ordinary computer into a powerful voice communications server. Learn more

Trixbox: Auto Installer

Trixbox, formally known as asterisk@home, has become on of the most popular, easy to use, Asterisk installers. It will format a standard PC and turn it into a full Functioning Asterisk PBX. It also comes with a configuration program called FreePBX® as well as extra tools to make your life easier. A perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Learn more

Elastix: Auto Installer

Elastix combines all of the top tools available for Asterisk-based PBXs into one easy-to-use interface. As well as having it's own utility set, Elastix allows for third-party module creation and offers extensive reporting capabilities. These features combined make it one of the best open-source PBX software packages available. Learn more

Asterisk: The Pbx

Asterisk is the underlying technology that allows all the PBX functionality to work. Some of the features include Voice Menus, Call Queues, Follow me, Call transfers, Call Parking, Voice Mail, Transfers and of course phone calls. Asterisk provides you with all the neccessary tools to transform an ordinary computer into a powerful voice communications server. Learn more

FreeSWITCH: Scalable pbx

FreeSWITCH is a scalable, multi-protocol, open-source, cross platform soft switch. The FreeSWITCH telephony platform is built for stable scalability and can interconnect and route most popular protocols using audio, video, text or any other form of media. It supports communication technologies such as Skype, SIP, H.323 and GoogleTalk making it easy to interface with other open source PBX systems such as sipXecs, Call Weaver, Bayonne, YATE or FreeSWITCH. Learn more

Image Configuration

Trixbox, formally known as maximizes the power of FreeSWITCH and is hosted at 2600hz. makes it easy to configure and manage your freeSWITCH installation though their easy to use online interfaces. 2600hz powerful open-source projects help you build and manage rich, customized VoIP services. From a fully functional FreeSWITCH and FreeSWITCH configuration GUI to a next-generation monitoring and management toolset, they help make VoIP easy. Learn more

FusionPBX: Configuration

FusionPBX is an easy to use open-source configuration GUI for freeSWITCH. It can easily be used on a single computer or scaled to a multi-tenant PBX such as used in a full blown call center or as a fax, voicemail, conference or voice application server. FusionPBX's web based interface makes it especially easy to modify the FreeSWITCH xml files that are used throughout FreeSwitch to configure the telephony system. Learn more

Westany: Custom recording

egardless what mix of systems you use to create your telephone system you can add Westany's custom recording service to extend the features of your telephone system. You can add simple IVR calling menus, improve your call queues or extending the features of your pbx. All our voice artists record in our top of the range pro-tools equipped recording studios, and we can transcode any recordings to the codec of your choice. Learn more

AsteriskNow: Auto Installer

AsteriskNow is Digium’s auto installer and configuration platform that allows you to format a standard PC and turn it into a fully featured PBX. It installs Asterisk and included an editor for setting up the extensions, call groups, auto-attendant and everything else you need to get up and running quickly. Learn more

FreePBX®: Configuration

FreePBX® is the major open-source graphical user interface (Gui) for controlling and managing Asterisk once it’s installed. It has many great features and can be updated easily at the click of a button. It simplifies the process of configuring Asterisk by offering pre-programmed functionality through a user-friendly web interface. Learn more

A2Billing: Billing Extension

A2Billing is a softswitch solution that extends the functionality of the Asterisk PBX. As well as providing converged services and self contained billing, A2billing can be configured to provide an impressive array of services. These include rate calls, preparing and sending out invoices, as well as accepting payments via a number of payment service providers. Learn more

Star2Billing: Billing Extension

Star2billing is the commercial equivilant of A2billing and is perfect for those that lack the knowledge to set up a VOIP telecom platform and softswitch solution themselves. Star2Billing provides a wide range of services, including commercial installation, support and consultancy on all A2Billing products, projects and services. Learn more